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Submission + - Passive Optical Networks - suggestions?

who's got my nicknam writes: "I have been asked to help with the replacement/upgrade of a community cablevision system in a small, remote village in Northern Canada. The existing coaxial cable plant has to be completely replaced due to corrosion and age; the headend is being replaced because the building it was in burned down. The community wants a modern infrastructure that can be used for television, Internet, and telephony (Triple-play), as well as local access to educational networks (ie, the system will need to support VLAN so customers can access a local LAN in addition to their Internet ISP's gateway).

My research leads me to believe that GPON is going to be the preferred technology, but we are having a hard time sourcing hardware. The actual glass will be easy to source and install (and where I am located, fibre optic cable is cheaper than copper anyways), but we need a reputable vendor for the headend and CPE hardware. It seems a lot of what's being talked about in press releases is still vapourware.

The community consists of about 150 homes in a tight geographical area. There is currently a high-speed microwave link providing an E10 to the local school, as well as another E10 to the local WISP, so bandwidth in and out is fine. Construction on the last 30 kilometres of fibre to reach the village will begin shortly, after which the microwave will be surplussed.

Given the small size of the community, EPON would be a viable alternative, but I am a bit concerned about its limitations regarding HDTV. Maybe that's not an issue though.

Any vendors or geeks out there who'd care to offer advice or pre-sales support on a project like this? I can be emailed at this address."
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Passive Optical Networks - suggestions?

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