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Frankc23 writes: "Wednesday's Apple earnings were another blowout, surpassing even priced-to-perfection estimates (72 to 80 cents a share) by hitting an amazing 92 cents a share for the quarter ending June 30.

While the media has been fixated on the iPhone, and choked on yesterday's seemingly low (but incorrect in regards to actual sales) AT&T iPhone activation numbers, the real star of Apple's earnings was the growth of the Mac.

Apple said it shipped 1.76 million Macintosh computers in the quarter, a rise of 33 percent from a year earlier. This clearly outpaces the growth in the broader PC market. Sales of MacBook laptop computers rose 42 percent (oh, and Apple sold 270,000 iPhones and 9.82 million iPods too).

The broad media has underreported or missed the Mac story in the last few months. A quick survey of Google News shows about 4,600 headline stories in the last month on the Mac. In that same period, there were six times as many iPhone stories. On Apple Investor News, iPhone stories overwhelmed Mac stories by a eight to one margin.

Most pre-earnings channel checks on Mac sales were robust but still lower than what Apple reported. And both analysts and reporters missed the implications of the recent WWDC (most called it disappointing or lackluster) by not fully getting the implications of Safari for Windows and the return of major games publishers to the Mac OS, not to mention the all-time high and growing number of Mac OS developers.

Oh, and Leopard comes out in a few months, right before the holidays."

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Media Missed Apple Earnings Star: the Mac

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