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Submission + - Amp'd Mobile Shuts Down (maximumpc.com) 1

Bourdain writes: "Maximum PC reports that Amp'd mobile will shut down on July 24th. Apparently not enough people were attracted to a phone service with a misspelled name despite the underlying network being Verizon's. Maximum PC goes on to say, "The Q&A goes on to explain that users must pay their final bills or will be turned over to a collection agency — kindly enough Amp'd explains that 'no early termination fee will be assessed.'" When looking on the Q&A on Amp'd's site, one sees something relating to their claim of CDMA phone portability in addition to the [already] legally mandated number portability. Only time will tell whether this is accurate or not suggesting that Amp'd phones might be usable, to varying degrees, on Verizon (most likely) and Sprint (less likely) as well as other smaller niche CDMA carriers (despite the seemingly rather small selection of phones)."
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Amp'd Mobile Shuts Down

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  • "Golvin said he once asked an Amp'd executive how the company expected 22-year-olds to pay $100 a month. The answer, he said, was ludicrous: The customers were giving up broadband and using their phones to go on the Internet."

    "Amp'd Mobile Chief Executive Bill Stone has said that his company has burned through more than $350 million in investors' money since it was founded in 2003"

    I'll never have to see another Amp'd commercial again, this is great.

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