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rockwood writes: "Looking for hope, I've decided to come to Slashdot; as the client base seem to be diverse enough to provide pro and cons in regards to "selling and idea/concept".
I have been researching and working on a concept that for all purposes the business model I put together for it not only compliments the current internet trends, but also fills a huge gap. A gap so large that I cannot understand why it has not been implemented before (something similar to what the first person who made the phonebook most likely felt like) "This idea is so obvious that everyone would use it, but why hasn't anyone done it before"
My dilemma is that with literally no additional funds to put toward a lawyer, patent/copyrights etc.. I'm fearful of mentioning it to anyone.
I've been sending correspondence to both Google and to News Corp; though proceeding cautiously as I'm afraid of someone stealing the idea; which would produce revenue on a global scale, internet users, mobile and pda, everyone would use it.

So my question — what resources are readily available to help someone in my situation protect themselves and also profit from this? I'd love to implement the idea and watch it grow, though my estimate bandwidth for usage would run 25k to 50k monthly (remember I can't even afford the lawyer at this point). But I'm also open to selling the idea outright — though I'd only be open to an offer that was of a substantial amount.
I've considered contacting my local S.C.O.R.E, though previous dealings with them didn't seem to provide the information and guidance I was hoping for — and again, I'm fearful that if they here something they like they could do it themselves. I know most of you might say "NDA", but I feel that isn't worth the paper it is on, a mere call and a tipoff to a friend 2000 miles away would be something I'd never be able to prove.

Just to bring things into light, I'm estimating initial investment of 4 to 10 million dollars with a return of approximately 5 to 15 million a month! — With that type of return investment you can see why I am leery of mentioning anything to anyone.

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Where to go with big ideas

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  • Hey man, I sturggled with the exact same dillema a couple of weeks ago: here's the fast version of my story: I am a UI designer, I made a design a year and a half ago for a dskto that would eliminate the need for window decoration and toolbars displayed on the screen. Yep, I talked to a prominent figure who develops a popular operating system about it, and he told me he didn't have rom for me yet, but he liked my ideas and maybe in the future. Well, I didn't utter a sound to anybody and a year later, on

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