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Submission + - Zune 2.0 hitting stores before holiday season ( 1

fdmendez writes: "With the Zune reaching it's goal of 1million units soldthis week, Microsoft plans to take its digital audio player to the next step by introducing Zune 2.0 and other models.

Microsoftreports that the Zune has officiallypassed the1 million unitlandmark this week with 1.2 million Zunes officially sold. Not satisfied with leaving the player where its at, Microsoft has confirmed the existence andimpendinglaunch of the long rumored Zune 2.0 or 2nd generation Zune.

A MicrosoftPR representative had the following to say regarding the release date of Zune 2.0:

"We have seen the rumors floating around, but we haven't announced specific dates or details for the next generation of the Zune devices or service. That said, Zune follows the cycle of the consumer electronics cycle so you can expect an update later this year prior to the holiday season."

The PR rep continued into vague details aboutfuture Zune products. "There are three predictable paths along which we'll expand Zune."

Microsoft will expand the Zune family with new styles, sizes, and price points. Future Zune products will featurepodcasting support and expanded video support. The Zune will also move into othergeographic marketswhenMicrosoft feels ithas an appealing product to offer those demographics.

Perhaps most importantly of all, the representative mentioned that Microsoft will build on the wireless support. Maybe we'll finally have the freedom of synching our digital audio players via wi-fi.

The rep didn't mention anything specific about Microsoft's rumored answer to the iPod Shuffle. But interestingrumorsfromsources considered "reliable"point to a very innovative product.

The product is essentially a music playingSD card thatwillplug into any SD slot. The second part of the playeris what makes theSDcard usable as a digital audio player. That part is a type of sleeve that'll allowthe user to control the music andplug in headphones forputting that music playing goodness to work. The player can't be turned on or off as it is always in the same state.

Sounds like good things are comingto the anti-Apple DAP crowd (which includes me)."

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Zune 2.0 hitting stores before holiday season

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