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Submission + - Eating beef 'is less green than driving' (telegraph.co.uk) 5

hhlost writes: "'Japanese scientists used a range of data to calculate the environmental impact of a single purchase of beef.' They concluded that '2.2lb of beef is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions which have the same effect as the carbon dioxide released by an ordinary car travelling at 50 miles per hour for 155 miles, a journey lasting three hours. The amount of energy consumed would light a 100-watt bulb for 20 days.'"
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Eating beef 'is less green than driving'

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  • Does Hardees make that burger yet, cause I'll sure buy it.

    Actually, I think that gets into the range of "if you can eat it all, it's free"

    Can I get cheese and bacon on that burger? Lets try to break into 200 days.
    • I'm no expert on weights & measures, and I'm a veggie anyway, but... 2.2 pounds? That's... quite a LOT of meat, isn't it? Like, a couple of weeks' worth or so, right?

      Still, interesting meme ;)

      • by hhlost ( 757118 )
        Yeah, I thought that too. I think 1/2 pound is average for a serving in the U.S. (2 quarter-pounder hamburgers). But, I don't eat much meat... I guess some people regularly eat a 32-oz steak, so that's 2 pounds. In any event, it's still an interesting study, no?
        • Lordy, that seems like an awful lot to me. Absolutely, interesting stuff though, would be interesting to see if this claimed research stands up to a bit of peer review & attempts to duplicate etc.
  • ...cows (and their consumption by humans) really are a signficant source of GHGs.

    My family and I gave up beef last year, and now that we have a decent turkey-burger recipe I can honestly say I don't miss it. I wasn't willing to stop my burger habit for health reasons, or weight reasons, or animal rights, but once I realized just how high the energy cost of beef production vs other comparable foods, it was environmentally indefensible.

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