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Submission + - Google to Cut Life of Cookies Short

em8chel writes: "Under the scrutiny and critique of the ARTICLE 29 Data Protection Party of the European Union, Google is to introduce a new cookie policy in the next few months to auto-expire their cookies after 2 years. Up until now, the cookies are defaulted to expire in 2038.

As reported on German technews site heise, Peter Fleischer, Google's Global Privacy Counsel, writes on his Google blog: "In the coming months, Google will start issuing our users cookies that will be set to auto-expire after 2 years, while auto-renewing the cookies of active users during this time period. In other words, users who do not return to Google will have their cookies auto-expire after 2 years. Regular Google users will have their cookies auto-renew, so that their preferences are not lost. And, as always, all users will still be able to control their cookies at any time via their browsers."

The Artiel 29 Working Party's letter to Google back in May can be downloaded here (PDF)"
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Google to Cut Life of Cookies Short

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