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Submission + - Abuse??? What abuse?

An anonymous reader writes: Last Friday I opened an account on the website of a large company (herein referred to as xx). From the beginning, I was unable to complete a normal transaction, so I wrote to the customer service department asking for assistance in getting started. The response came the next day: Abusing xx — Your xx account has been suspended ... your account was acting inconsistently with the letter or spirit of our policies. Somewhat flabbergasted, I wrote asking what on earth this was about. A brief but intense email correspondence ensued, with two principal issues neither of which could be successfully addressed: the company refuses to give any information as to the nature of the alleged violation, and refuses to consider reinstating the account. The only further detail I could obtain was that the nature of the complaint is such that restoring service is not considered an option. Given this kind of treatment, the latter may be no great loss; but still, in the interest of protecting my good name, I'd like to ask if there are people out there who've had similar experiences, and what, if anything, they did about them.
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Abuse??? What abuse?

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