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Submission + - iPhone Successfully Over-hyped (adambha.com)

adambha writes: "As the mania of one of the most successful product launches of all time begins to settle, the fanfare is colored with some dissent. The naysayers notwithstanding, a statistically insignificant survey has now determined that 30% of Americans want an iPhone. From the article:

Lightspeed Research surveyed 39,000 people on its U.S. online panel in the days following the launch of the device on June 29 — and the research findings are staggering. Thirty-two percent of those surveyed who do not currently own an iPhone stated that they do intend to purchase one, with 8 percent planning to purchase in the next three months and 22 percent planning to purchase 'some time in the future' the researchers said.
How many people do you know with an iPhone or plans to get one? Is this perhaps just well-executed PR from Apple?"

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iPhone Successfully Over-hyped

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