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Submission + - "Cloverfield" Speculation Runs Wild 1

An anonymous reader writes: Hype and drama ensue the enigmatic trailer shown in theaters before Transformers. The movie, only known by its code name "Cloverfield," features a farewell party in New York City that is quickly interrupted by an earthquake. After a fiery explosion on the city's skyline, it is apparent that the culprit is some sort of malicious creature(s), although it remains offscreen. The film is eerily given no title. Little is known other than it is being produced by J.J. Abrams and will be released 1-18-08; there wasn't even a record of it on imdb before last week. Equally puzzling is the film's website. Fan speculation has ranged from aliens to Armageddon to a Cthulhu adaptation."
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"Cloverfield" Speculation Runs Wild

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