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Submission + - Blu-ray Backers Launch Deceptive Hi-Def News Site

An anonymous reader writes: You'd have thought that Sony would have learned the lessons of disclosure when their bogus PSP blog backfired on them last christmas, but they've gone and done it again. Hitting a new low in deceptive internet marketing, Sony along with several other movie studios backing the Blu-ray format today launched a content web site called "Hollywood in Hi-Def." The site claims to be a "comprehensive online resource created for consumers interested in high-definition home entertainment," but — what do you know — all of the content just happens to be positive to the Blu-ray format. Although the site's "About Us" page mentions that it is "supported by" Sony, Fox and Disney "among other companies," it doesn't disclose that all of those companies back the Blu-ray format, and that the mission of the site is to promote the format, not "cover" it. The site's editor explains as much in an article published this morning by Video Business Magazine, saying that "A lot of the companies that are supporting Blu-ray got together and decided to do something different and more *credible* than a promotional web site."
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Blu-ray Backers Launch Deceptive Hi-Def News Site

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