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Submission + - The new woneders picked mostly from Latin America (

frankwolftown writes: "With the new Seven Wonders picked finally they do show a pattern that I'm not too sure anyone else has noticed. Three of the Seven Wonders have come from Latin American countries. Mexico's Chichen Itza, Peru's Machu Picchu, and Brazil's Statue of Christ Redeemer three of the seven new wonders. The voting was mostly done online and via SMS could the recent upsurge in broadband uptake in Latin American countries have caused this? A recent article in Smartmoney would say so.

Broadband grew at an annual rate of around 54% in 2006, making Latin America one of the world's fastest growing regions in terms of broadband uptake . But broadband penetration at end-2006 was only 2.5%, considerably less than the global average of 5.4%. With its level of GDP per capita, Latin America should in principle have ended 2006 with a broadband penetration of 3.5%.
Sounds like a pretty big factor doesn't it?"

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The new woneders picked mostly from Latin America

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