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Submission + - Scientists left baffled after HUGE structure appears on Venus (

amelialandyn writes: A bow-shaped structure which spanned almost 10,000 kilometres across Venus appeared for several days after a Japanese probe arrived at Earth’s nearest neighbour in 2015 and then vanished almost as soon as it came about.

The scientists behind the Japanese probe Akatsuki believe that the large structure could be evidence of the biggest gravity wave – not to be confused with the recently discovered gravitational waves – ever seen in the solar system.

However, what is confusing the experts is that they believe that gravity waves – which was found 65 kilometres above the surface – could not form so high up forskolin
in the atmosphere of a planet.

Over the course of a four day period, the structure, which stretched all the way from the north to the south pole of the planet, maintained its position despite being bombarded by 359 kilometre per hour winds.

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Scientists left baffled after HUGE structure appears on Venus

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