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Submission + - Cancer Researcher turns salt water into fuel. ( 1

OmniBeing writes: "American John Kansas, was working away in his lab searching for a cure for cancer (and he thinks he might have one) but in the process stumbled upon a method of igniting saltwater! While he acknowledges it's 70% energy efficient, he does have an idea how to boost it as mentioned on CHQR770's radio program located here (Note, the interview starts 35 minutes in to the stream) So hows that for an alternative fuel?"
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Cancer Researcher turns salt water into fuel.

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  • Quite Amazing - take a look at the YouTube video. Essentially he passes extremely high intensity radio waves thru a beaker of salt water, and it ignites and burns Hydrogen at approx 1400 degrees. He's currently looking for a buyer... He is exploring how to use radio waves to target cancer. Somehow he plans on injecting metals into the body and have them migrate to the cancer cells. Then he plans to zap them with the same radio waves and burn them up. Only problem I see with that plan is how to get the m

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