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Bush Commutes Libby Sentance, No jail Time Served

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  • Way to go. Just eradicate any last shred of respectability you had left. No really, I'm sure nobody will mind you removing the thorns from a sentence punishing someone for lieing under oath to protect you and Cheney. Sounds perfectly fucking reasonable, in fact, not fucking fascist at all. You'll probably be celebrated as a great man of conscience, actually, for having the balls to stand up to the justice system and say "No, you will not be punishing a man just because he committed crimes on my behalf.
    • by BuhDuh ( 1102769 )
      Wake up America! The incumbents in the White House have already proven they don't give a pile of bat guano for what we think; Bush sets aside due process, possibly the Geneva Convention, and Lord knows what else by his treatment of Gitmo et al detainees, then asserts he has the Executive Privilege to bug whoever the hell he likes without recourse; then Cheney in his unbridled arrogance gives the digitus impudicus to us and asserts his office is above a Presidential directive as to what documents should be m

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