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Submission + - Was this arrest video edited? 1

RCulpepper writes: This video is YouTube's most-viewed for the week. It shows a Hot Springs, Arkansas police officer arresting six teenagers for skateboarding, with a degree of force that appears excessive for the crime committed (the officer, among other things, puts a 16 year old girl in a headlock). The uncut record of the incident is split into two videos here and here. The city paper is circling the wagons and holding out the possibility that these videos have themselves been edited interstitially and that the girl had jumped on the police officer's back before he put her in a headlock. This seems implausible to me, but I'm not an expert. Unless the protectors of the town's image accept that the video is a true record, the officer's likely to get off scot free. What do you think, Slashdot?
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Was this arrest video edited?

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  • The version labeled as uncut doesn't have any noticeable discontinuity, so it seems like a stretch to conclude that it was edited. We can't see the exact moment when the officer grabs the girl, so we don't know exactly what happened, but the officer didn't say anything about the kids' supposed fighting back -- just that they ran away.

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