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wamerocity writes: Despite Sony's efforts to lock down the PSP with each new firmware in lieu of adding desired functionality, it seems that PSP Homebrew god "Fanjita" has released a downgrader for firmware 3.50 (Yes, Sony's most current firmware for the PSP) that requires a new Illuminati exploit as well as a legitimate copy of the game Lumines. This means ANYONE can now put homebrew on their PSP despite their current firmware. This news recently sent the game Lumines to the top selling video game item on Amazon, second only to the Wii.

For those who wonder why they should care, the PSP has open firmware such as the DarkAlex 3.40 OE that allows you to play PS1 games (at full speed), SNES, NES, Sega, MAME, GB/GBC/GBA, N64 games, all while retaining the ability to use Sony's "intended features". The homebrew scene has other programs that allow you to watch any video type, use it as a remote control, get RSS feeds, listen to internet radio, use VNC service, use an IR keyboard, as well as a dozen other programs. There's even a new version of Vista some have released for it, as a proof of concept I'd hope, since Vista really blows.

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PSP Homebrew Scene Marks Major Milestone

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