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Submission + - UK to Criminalise Possession of "Extreme" 2

mdwh2 writes: The UK Government has published a bill which includes plans to criminalise possession of "extreme pornography". This would include fictional depictions of violence, and cover private images of S&M acts between consenting partners. Taking a screenshot from a legal film, if done for erotic purposes, could also fall under the law.

The bill has been promoted by groups such as mediawatch-uk. Backlash opposes the law. The plans were previously discussed on Slashdot when first announced.
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UK to Criminalise Possession of "Extreme"

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  • So, at last, we see the remainder of Blair's Legacy, the final nail in the coffin of any semblence of sense or rationality by the UK Government!

    In order to "protect" us, we are going to be threatened with jail for looking at "Dangerous Pictures", even screen captures of ones that were broadcast in BBFC approved media if, in someone's subjective opinion, it is deemed that they were captured "for pornographic purposes"!

    It will also have the same effect even if the pictures feature consenting actors and
  • by mdwh2 ( 535323 )
    Grr, the subject was supposed to be: UK to Criminalise Possession of "Extreme" Porn

    Not sure how that got truncuated! Hopefully an editor can fix it if the story gets posted, thanks.

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