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Submission + - Google threatens to end Gmail service in Germany

An anonymous reader writes: According to the English edition of the "Der Spiegel" weekly, Google has threatened that it would rather shut down its Gmail service in Germany than comply with a controversial German surveillance law that would require telecommunications companies to store logs of their users's phone and internet activities for six months, including Internet details, phone call information, and text messages. While Germany's parliament has not held a vote over the proposed law yet or set a date for the vote, Google's Global Privacy councel Peter Fleischer calls the proposal a "heavy blow against the private sphere." The article continues to quote him as follows: "Many users around the globe make use of this anonymity to defend themselves from spam, or government repression of free speech," [...] ""If the Web community won't trust us with handling their data with great care, we'll go down in no time." As an emergency measure, he said — rather than change the product — "we would shut off Google Mail in Germany."
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Google threatens to end Gmail service in Germany

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