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Submission + - Video Games Console 'Chipping' Criminals BUSTED (

Anonymous Coward writes: "On Reported.

Yesterday saw the successful launch of a new multifaceted crime-fighting initiative in which three people from the North East of England were put under investigation for producing and selling modified games chips and 'chipped' Nintendo® Wii(TM) and DS(TM), Microsoft® 360(TM) and Xbox®, and Sony® PlayStation®2 and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) consoles.
I do not have a problem with Mod 'Chipping' I like Mod Chips. I have one on my Xbox not for using pirated games, but for using EvolutionX menu system and functions. At the Time my son was 8 when I did this and well, he was not the best for taking care of his game CDs. With the help of the mod chip I was able to make back ups of his games and place them on the hard drive. I can play Homebrew games along with using it as a media player (Scheduled recording, fast forward, rewind, pause Live TV, almost like a TiVo)."

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Video Games Console 'Chipping' Criminals BUSTED

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