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Submission + - What Open Source VPN Solution to Use for an SMB?

emmjayell writes: The office I work at has between 30 and 40 staff and contractors (# of contractors varies from time to time) and is moving from a everyone work at one site sort of office, to a virtual office where most folks will be doing their work remotely 90% of the time. Almost everyone is running Windows XP as their primary OS (although a few of use run linux).

We currently have Checkpoint (firewall and vpn), MS Windows Server 2000 (file and print services), and a number of other systems that are browser based and internet/intranet friendly.

So the questions are:

1) What would work best for VPN access to internal resources?
2) What would work well for File sharing over a VPN/Remote access?

Some more explanation:

The vpn would need to support both Linux clients as well as Windows XP clients, hopefully able to support Vista and OSX clients into the future.

We do run a checkpoint VPN today, however we only have a single T1 for vpn access. I'm currently thinking that I'll move our high traffic volume email file services to a colocation site so that I'll have access to much higher bandwidth for those servers. Our lower traffic development servers (mostly linux), will remain behind the T1 which will be fine for 99% of the access.

Although accessing Windows Server is bearable over the VPN, running a Windows Domain over a vpn, domain logins, don't seem to make much sense. I'm currently thinking of using samba for 'shared file' access.

From a sysadmin perspective, we can run linux, bsd or any *nix based solution. We could handle a windows based solution as well, but are somewhat biased against it.

From the subject — SMB = Small / Mid sized Business, as opposed to Server Message Block (although you can see that I'm concerned about both topics)

Thanks for your time!

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