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Submission + - Viking Age Mickey Mouse (

janap writes: From the (Swedish) article: "An 1100 year old Mickey Mouse has been unearthed at Sweden's largest excavation of an Iron Age village. The find was made at the town of Uppakra, just south of the city of Lund." At the site, although less than two percent of the area has been excavated, more than 20,000 objects have been found to date. The finds are on display at the Historical Museum in Lund, where the Mickey Mouse figurine enjoys its own shelf. Upon the question of whether copyright issues with the Disney Corporation now will ensue, the curator Jerry Rosengren laughs and offers; "No, we were clearly first!"

COMPASS [for the CDC-6000 series] is the sort of assembler one expects from a corporation whose president codes in octal. -- J.N. Gray