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The Internet

Submission + - Secrets of the Web Monkey Ninja Warriors (whattofix.com)

Daniel Markham writes: "Writing technology content on your blog? Creating a new web media site? Trying to gain readership? This says that you can learn a lot about what works and what doesn't work by watching monkeys. Is there a secret sect of web monkey ninja warriors? Do primates offer a clue as to what sells and what doesn't? Do the secrets actually work? How many of these web monkey ninja warrior rules do you follow on a regular basis?

I've been in web programming ever since the web came out. I tell folks, half-jokingly, that I should have gotten into online pornography: that's where the money is. I wouldn't start an online Hustler magazine — that's not my style — but I do think that any online media company has to consider the power of the human form in selecting their content. There is a reason why there are sites called "Hot or not" are hot. We suckers will troop over there regularly to get a good look at what the other monkeys are getting.

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