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The Internet

Submission + - Amnesty Hosts Conference on Internet Censoring (amnestyusa.org)

NY Media writes: "Hello,
I'm writing to alert you to Amnesty's conference next week about internet repression. The conference will include victims of internet repression, Josh Wolf, Jimmy Wales, Richard Stallman, and many more! The conference will be webcast next Wednesday between 1:30 and 3:30, EST. Below is the media advisory.

For Immediate Release: Contact: Ben Somberg, 212/633-4268 Friday, June 1, 2007
Amnesty International to Host Global Online Conference on Internet Freedom

Amnesty International and The Observer will host a global, interactive event examining the future of Internet freedom on June 6. The event, 'Some People Think the Internet is a Bad Thing: The Struggle for Freedom of Expression in Cyberspace,' will be webcast globally from Amnesty International's Human Rights Action Centre in London to mark the first anniversary of its irrepressible.info campaign.

The event comes as government crackdowns on freedom of expression on the internet intensify. IT companies are facilitating the blocking, filtering, and monitoring of information, threatening freedom of expression on the internet.

Conference contributors will include:

— Victims of internet repression from around the world;
- Martha Lane Fox, internet entrepreneur;
- Josh Wolf, jailed US blogger;
- Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia;
- Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software movement;
- Cory Doctorow from BoingBoing;
- Kevin Anderson, head of blogging at The Guardian.

The event will be webcast at www.amnesty.org.uk/webcast from 1:30pm-3:30pm ET.

Chaired by the BBC's Clark Boyd, the event will be comprised of live speakers and debate, webcasted contributions, podcasts and vodcasts from supporters unable to attend, and questions/contributions emailed in from the global audience. Thousands of people from around the world are expected to attend online.

The invitation-only event will examine the future of internet freedom, including governments' attempts to repress freedom of expression and information online — with the help of global IT companies — and how web users are harnessing the power of the internet when they resist them.

'Some People Think the Internet is a Bad Thing' marks the first anniversary of irrepressible.info, an Amnesty International campaign to combat the repression of Internet users around the world, launched in The Observer in May 2006. Amnesty will re-launch the new http://irrepressible.info/ website, featuring a news aggregator that will create an information hub for anyone interested in the future of Internet freedom.

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