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Submission + - Searching Developers for BasKet Note Pads 2.0

Sébastien Laoût writes: "I'm the developer of BasKet Note Pads. Due to being very busy with real life, I'm afraid I have to give up on the development part of BasKet Note Pads. This really hurts me because it is my "baby", but I have no choice: I haven't programmed anything since version 1.0. BasKet Note Pads has no developer anymore. I will stay to manage the project, but without new developers, I'm afraid the project will have to be stopped (and unavailable on KDE 4).

I'm in search of developers for BasKet Note Pads 2.0. The BasKet Usability Project made a lot of positive suggestions, which resulted in an ambitious roadmap for version 2.0 and more.
BasKet Note Pads 2.0 will rock even harder than 1.0: the interface will be refound do be easier to use more efficiently, and it will have tons of new features currently requested by a lot of people.
Thousand of people are already pleased with BasKet Note Pads every days.
Help make those people continue to be happy by developing and setting the next generation of note taking applications.
See the mockups, read the vision and roadmap...

If you are an interested developer and you know C++ and Qt (or have a strong willing to learn them), then you can send a mail to"

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