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Wireless (Apple)

Submission + - All next gen iPod Nano and iPod Video have Bluetoo

9699395 writes: "I have worked with a number of suppliers throughout the iPod supply chain, and it is clear that the next generation video iPod and iPod Nano will contain Bluetooth chips to enable wireless headphone usage.

Both of the next-gen video iPods (code named n25 and n45 for the hard drive and NAND-Flash based models, respectively) have a wifi/bluetooth module identical to the one in the iPhone. The wifi is supplied by Marvell, and the Bluetooth is supplied by Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR), and the module will be built by Taiwan's Advanced Semiconductor Engineering's USI division (ASE/USI). Presumably, the wifi capability will be used to download movies, while the Bluetooth will be used to enable wireless headphones.

The next-gen iPod Nano also has Bluetooth, also supplied by CSR, but does not have wifi (probably because it uses too much power).

Presumably there is also a wireless headphone being produced to go along with this, also using CSR's Bluetooth (the only other supplier of Bluetooth is Broadcom, and after a huge fight over the original video iPod and the iPhone, Apple and Broadcom are not on speaking terms).

This story has been confirmed by: (contact info at bottom)
-multiple people at Apache, CSR's largest distributor in Taiwan
-manufacturer's reps at Vishay, who are supplying power management for the radios
-ASE/USI (the module makers)

All three new iPods (both videos, and the Nano) are scheduled to start production in July/august, and become publicly available in the September/October timeframe (the same launch schedule as past year's iPod updates). CSR will be delivering chips to Apple's contract manufacturers (mostly Honnhai/Foxconn) in June.

Not only has this feature been confirmed by multiple suppliers, it is also quite logical- it would be "very apple" to have a wireless headphone, and would be very well received by customers (look at the huge uptake of Bluetooth wireless headsets for cell phones). It would also enable a common headphone to be used for iPods and the iPhone.

Sincerely- 96993995

Sources for this data include: (but keep in mind, it will be difficult to get people to confirm this publically, since Apple has sworn them to secrecy)

2F,No.431, Ruei-Guang Road,
Neihu, Taipei,
Taiwan 304
Tel: +886-2-8797-8997
Fax: +886-2-8797-2929



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