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Submission + - The Top Ten Issues of OLPC

InteractiveGadget writes: "Heres an interesting article challenging some of the core concepts of the One Laptop Per Child project. From the Article: "The name OLPC is a problem as the focus is on Personal Computers for Individuals ignoring the fact that community feedback is crucial part of learning... This is like evaluating the quality of our education based on the type of glue that is used to bind textbooks... Teachers, be they your peers, parents, or trained individuals are a crucial part of feedback system of learning... Even when parents and peers are not available children will often huddle around a single computer to collaborate and provide constructive feedback (see MSR India). Developers can push this learning configuration further by providing interactivity for each child on the same display (through multiple mice and keyboards)." Maybe developing nations could use more low cost mice and keyboards rather than more laptops. See Article."

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