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Submission + - Free X and Mesa drivers for new Intel 965GM chip

keithp writes: "The Intel Open Source Technology Center graphics team is pleased to announce the availability of free software drivers for the recently released Intel® 965GM Express Chipset family mobile graphics controller. These drivers include support for 2D and 3D graphics features for the mobile version of the newest generation Intel graphics architecture.

The Intel® 965GM Express Chipset represents the first mobile product that implements fourth generation Intel graphics architecture. Designed to support advanced rendering features in modern graphics APIs, this chipset includes support for programmable vertex, geometry, and fragment shaders.

Extending Intel's commitment to work with the X.org and Mesa communities to continuously improve and enhance the drivers, support for this new chipset is provided through the X.org 2.0 Intel driver and the Mesa 6.5.3 releases. These drivers represent significant work by both Intel and the broader open source community.

In addition to Intel® 965GM chipset support, the X.org 2.0 driver adds native video mode programming support for all chipsets from i830 forward. The driver supports automatic video mode detection and selection, monitor hot plug, dynamic extended and merged desktops and per-monitor screen rotation. These Intel-developed features are built in to the X.org 1.3 X server release and will eventually be supported across most of the open source X.org video drivers.

Additional information available at the Intel Linux Graphics web site.

Intel's committment to providing high-quality drivers that meet the needs of the mobile Linux community is second to none.
Matthew Garrett, Ubuntu Mobile Linux Engineer

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