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Submission + - Caughtya - Use technology against parking abuse

Patof writes: "An entry on USA Today, titled Tattlers unite! Citizen sites share the shame says:

Beware, scofflaws of all types. Big Brother may not be watching, but your fellow citizens are, and thanks to a flurry of tattletale websites, your violations can be held up for the world to see.

One website in particular grabbed my attention: Caughtya focuses on the abuse of disability parking spaces by people who don't have disability parking permits. The site displays photos of illegally parked vehicles, along with details of the date/time/location of the infraction.

Caughtya was also mentionned on Good Morning America. When I Googled for more info, I saw that it was mentionned on The Wall Street Journal

What is so fascinating about this is the use of technology to tackle an ongoing social problem, with apparently a good measure of success. With cell phones and integrated cameras becoming more affordable, more and more people are able to act. Technologies that were not readily available just a few years ago are now accessible enough that people can get them. Technology empowering people. It's not just about having a cool phone that takes photos anymore. Yeah, of course, you could take cool photos, but now the photos you take can be put to good use.

I know what *I* am going to do next time I see someone parked in a disability parking space without a placard: Take a photo and post it on Caughtya!"

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