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Submission + - Tikal Bugzilla with features won't find elsewhere

kanfil writes: Tikal, an open source provider of application development and deployment suites, has launched an enhanced version of Bugzilla, positioned as a high performance issue tracker with a new GUI and the much sought after "custom fields" option (due also in version 2.23 of the community edition of Bugzilla).

Tikal Bugzilla is available for download from Tikal's project at SourceForge.

While Bugzilla is considered an excellent and reliable bug tracker, it is lacking in usability and flexibility. On the other hand, extreme flexibility can be a drag on usability (see Scarab). Balancing all, Tikal has released a "crowd pleaser" version of Bugzilla which includes:
  • New, easy to use GUI
  • "Custom Fields" creation via a GUI, no coding needed
    True multi type issue tracking
  • "Easy Orientation" via a personal dashboard
  • Sub task fields (each can be attributed to a different user)
  • "View Version Control Activity" feature
    And more

Tikal's Bugzilla lets you manage and process the myriad of issues that are part of the development process — change requests, tasks, patches, features etc. Each issue can have several sub tasks, each can be attributed to several owners.

Certified versions and full support is available for Tikal subscribers.

Tikal previously released Tikal Update Manager (TUM), a YUM Extender like, GUI based update manager for Eclipse IDE.

Tikal provides additional open source high performance tools for application development and life-cycle management. is open for feedback and comments.

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