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Submission + - Award winning Indie Game Mr Robot from Moonpod

Holly Rupik writes: "Hi guys, I'm emailing you on behalf of indie game developers Moonpod, I thought as a supporter of renegade programmers you might like to take a look at our latest release, Mr Robot, or even our older product Starscape. It'd be great if you were interested in featuring it on your site, perhaps for review. Mr Robot recently became A PC Format 2007 Game Awards Winner and has also recently received a very positive review at PC Gamer with a score of 82% d=157682 Gameplay is at the forefront of all our efforts so a heady mix of retro styling, modern perspective and actual fun *gasp* can make a refreshing change from some of the bigger budget titles crowding the market. You can find all the information and downloads at, and if you like what you see or need any further info, review copies of the game, interviews, a copy of the game as a competition prize etc. then please get in touch with me (Holly) on and I'll be happy to chat with you and to provide any assistance or additional info you might need. Keep up the good work at Slashdot. Best wishes — Holly Rupik (contact me on Marketing PS here's a press release about Mr Robot and Moonpod for your info: Mr. Robot Has Arrived! Moonpod, are proud to announce the release of our new independent game, Mr. Robot, available on PC. Journey through the bowels of a massive starship to save your robot friends and the precious human cargo. Solve puzzles. Overcome obstacles. Hack hostile networks. Evade crazed robots. Save the mission. Mr. Robot is a 3D action-puzzle-adventure-rpg. Inspired by classic filmation games such as Knight Lore and Alien8 and mixed with ' Hack' — an abstract RPG in which the player hacks into computer terminals and battles defensive computer programs. Featuring over 200 rooms, more than 20 different enemies, 7 friendly robots to aid in your quest, numerous medals to unlock and a built in editor so you can create your own adventures. Sheffield-based Moonpod was formed in November 2002 with the mission to take ideas and themes that rocked our game play world and evolve them into the next level. We want to listen to what the gamer wants and create a diverse and challenging array of titles. Moonpod's first game, Starscape, won Gametunnel's coveted 'Game of the Year' award. And a link to the press section of the site:"

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