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Submission + - Microsoft's War on Linux: It's 58% Faster!

Yfrwlf writes: Most techies are aware of Microsoft's frontal assault against Linux called Get the Facts, but I decided to pay attention long enough to find out exactly what "facts" they were claiming. From the AMD "case study": "In 2005, AMD increased the speed of a key Oracle-based production-planning application that ran on Sun Solaris by recompiling it to run on both the Windows Server® 2003 R2 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS operating systems. With expert help from the Microsoft Field Services Account Team and Performance Tuning Corporation, AMD identified configuration errors and ways to further optimize the application's performance. In a key benchmark test, the Oracle application ran 58 percent faster on Windows Server 2003 than on Linux." If they needed help to configure Windows to run it, no doubt they were clueless about how to do it in Linux, too. I'd be interested in testing the speed of this program on my own machines to verify this. If only they told us what program it was. It was "key", after all.

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