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Submission + - Build a Serious Business by Opening a Little House of Science branch in your Are (littlehouseofscience.com)

sidsweets writes:

Are you planning to start a career in the world of education business? Though it may sound quite daunting and confusing initially due to the responsibility of managing and teaching young children, but it can be a very profitable business, if you are able to devote your time and energy to it.

Many people have this great ability and passion to work for the education of children, but due to the lack of funds required for setting up an institution from scratch they are not able to pursue their dream. But imagine setting up a school without the need of financial assistance, along with an established name that can boost your career in the business world? Yes,Little House of Science can do that for you. Interested companies and individuals can now open a franchise of Little House of Science to begin with their career in the ever expanding world of education.

Do I need investment?

Similar to any other business, this one too requires you to make some investment. To start a franchise of Little House of Science you would need to invest an amount of £18,300, counting as your personal contribution to the joint investment of £36,600. Little house of Science can help individuals approach banks for personal or business loan. Banks are more than happy to lend money to established franchises. As the business starts, you will be refunded £6,000, once you are registered for the VAT.

Personal Growth and Profit

A common misconception about franchises is that they restricts you from expanding the business for personal profit. As you begin your initial journey with Little House of Science, you have an opportunity to establish 10 classes of your own. After another small fee you can add as many as you like in your business. Once you are licensed there is no restriction of the licensed packages that you sell at our programs. In short, you can grow your businesses in any form that may fulfill your goals and interests.

Are you new at business?

If you are new to the world of business, Little House of science can assist you in many ways. It will provide you with Turnkey packages that are affordable and helpful. Professionals at Little House will train emerging businessmen for 3 weeks covering various aspects of education business and marketing. We will also help you recruit, train and find a strong teaching team. The consumables and lesson plans will be provided to you. You can select the venue of your choice. Little House will assist you in the early marketing process that will support the foundation building of your business. Help to new franchises is always available by the professionals at Little house, 24/7.

Any individual who is interested in hard work may invest in this great business opportunity that offers a strong potential for growth. This is a kind of business that helps you be a part of the society and act as a nurturing foundation for children. Moreover, it is a fun and interactive business opportunity that keeps you motivated in the long run. For businesses there is nothing more daunting than the idea of marketing and early investments. By opening a Little House of Science franchise you will be sharing the burden of both investment and marketing.

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Build a Serious Business by Opening a Little House of Science branch in your Are

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