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sidsweets writes: Little House of Science nurtures the in-born curiosity of kids and helps the budding scientist to understand the world around them by making science and math fun and exciting to learn. They conduct weekly workshops across London for age groups of 3-11 Years. They offer in-school and after school weekly science workshops. The topics varies from physics, life science, engineering etc. these interactive workshops helps children to explore, investigate and slowly understand scientific vocabulary until they become experts. The projects or workshops begin with a presentation followed by group discussion, video presentation and then gets into practical experiments. They also provide parental notes- both for parents and children, about the weekly class content.

Little House of Science bring their science and maths clubs to your schools or nurseries which are tailor made according to the school requirements. They offer new topics, themes and age-specific content to the children. Kids enjoy the educational, interactive and fun experiments and take back home a little more knowledge than what they learned in their regular classes.

Thinking about themes for birthday party? How about a science party! Little House of Science organizes amazing science parties which are not only fun and entertaining but also teaches them through exciting experiments in a minute or so. With some mind blowing experiments about chemical reactions, density, mini robots, etc. your kid will have an unforgettable birthday party. What more? Parents too can join in! All experiments are safe and tutors are enhanced DBS checked and all materials are provided by them so you can have a hassle free party.

Apart from in-school and after school, they offer summer, autumn and holiday workshops and tailor made tutoring. The workshops are designed according to the age groups starting as young as 6 months. In this stage, babies develop various senses like touch, sound and social interaction. The topics encourage the babies to discover the touch of objects, enjoy sounds and music and enthused by color and shapes.

Little Maths Club designed for age between 2 and 4, lays foundation for mathematical development. Children in this age group already recognize patterns, sorting and categorizing objects. Little maths club builds on this and takes it further to make kids understand numbers in a unique combination of shapes, colors and music.

Little Science classes catering to the age groups of 3 to 8, assist in science workshops. The kids learn about Earth, Life and Physics. The topics cover sound, electromagnetism, brain, life cycle and more.

Big Science classes are designed for children between 8 and 11 years. This class enlarges everything they offer. Deeper understanding, scientific concepts, wide-ranging study materials and practical experiments makes the children or young scientist take the topics to next level.

As mentioned earlier, all these workshops are age-adjusted and divided into smaller groups to increase the individual attention. A huge number of practical experiments, interactive discussions and take home projects makes these workshops engaging, interesting and fun to learn.

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Littlehouseofscience - Fun Activities for Kids and Make Them More Intelligent

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