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Submission + - Boggleit - Think Dragons Den online

Boggle writes: "The era of the entrepreneur is firmly upon us, with an estimated 17.5 million people now claiming to have business ideas they would like to implement. The popularity of shows such as Dragon's Den and The Apprentice, have lead to a steady rise in the number of Brits calling themselves 'entrepreneurs.' The re-launch of internet based at the end of March is sending ripples of excitement through the business world as it expects to invest several million pounds in idea opportunities of savvy entrepreneurs and 'business virgins' alike, who log on and impress the panel with their initiative and idea.

Over half of Britain's aspiring entrepreneurs admit to being put off pursuing their business brainchild due to a lack of time, money and know-how. Far from just offering a money pool to hopeful users, successful green light ideas receive the opportunity to develop the intellectual property required to effectively launch and develop their business idea. Including elements such as prototype development, market branding and planning, legal advice, Intellectual Property Rights, market research and prototype development. Basically everything necessary to get the idea to a commercially marketable position.

The brainchild of John Cowley, a millionaire business man with a corporate background, Lisa Finch, former 'Director of Change' at Barclay card, and Paul Scotney a self-made entrepreneur, the trio united through their shared desire to make business accessible to 'normal' people. Cowley says "Venture capitalists and banks are not interested in business start-ups in this country and all three of us are passionate about helping Joe Bloggs to realise his or her business dream through practical expertise and investment, without the need to sell your soul."

The team are supported by Professor Andrew Burke, Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Performance at the internationally acclaimed Cranfield School of Management. Professor Burke; " offers a unique one stop shop 'end to end' service — from 'new venture idea right through to commercialisation'- for an average individual who does not have access to a vast network of investors/executives and who has not had the luxury of university level training in new venture management, this is an invaluable service. It removes the barriers to entry and creates an opportunity for people who have good entrepreneurial ideas but who feel that they don't have the contacts or know-how to turn them into a real business."

So how does it work?

The site will consist of two basic services, of which at the heart of both, is the boGGle evaluation expert system software. This system has been developed by a team of recognised entrepreneurs and academics with proven track records, by adapting long-established models used in academia/business. These models combine to provide a complex multi-level scoring for ideas evaluated. In a nutshell, boggle lets you know whether your business idea is worth pursuing.

Snapshot: An objective screening tool which tests your idea for commercial viability and likelihood of success. Cost 1@ £9.99, 3@£19.99, 5@£29.99, unlimited use for 3 months for £39.99

Bigshot: A three stage process incorporating a thorough evaluation consisting of objective and subjective testing. Get a green light and boGGle will invest. At the second stage the Intellectual Property package is created with the third stage resulting in the Commercial execution of the IP package. £99.00 ?relid=iAgQA h/6324057.stm"

"The following is not for the weak of heart or Fundamentalists." -- Dave Barry