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Submission + - Igaro CMS Open Sourced

Anonymous Coward writes: "TYNE & WEAR, UK — APRIL 03, 2007 — Igaro Ltd, a supplier of web management technologies today announced the open-source of its premier development software to the general public.

Igaro software allows web developers to develop high-end web sites using a framework developed over four years. Multiple packages and modules cater for the most common requirements and web sites can be developed for any functionality, in any language and in any design. Unlike other web management technology Igaro relies on exceptional engineering to deliver military-grade security, real-time performance and differentiated delivery of content, resources and functionality.

The decision to open-source Igaro was taken by director Andrew Charnley after consultation with clients and several web development companies. In order to become more transparent and to fully demonstrate the power of Igaro to new parties, the need to purchase Igaro before previewing and testing is no longer a requirement. Now companies, government and corporations can see the benefits of Igaro for themselves.

In order to facilitate this policy change Igaro Ltd will no longer develop web sites and will focus on supporting clients and promoting the benefits of using Igaro over other web management software.

Igaro's web site; has been changed to encompass new licensing options and has opened up Community Forums for discussion and debate.

To download Igaro please visit:;id=100
For further information and support on Igaro please see:;id=38"

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