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Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Jesus gets Second Life

anthraxus writes: "Grand Rapids, MI March 27, 2007- On the heels of the sold-out Virtual Worlds Conference in NewYork City on March 28, LifeChurch.tv, in conjunction with XXXchurch.com, announces the launch of its virtual church in the 3-D virtual online world of Second Life. LifeChurch.tv, a multi-site church made up of over 20,000 people with eleven locations in major metropolitan areas across the country, gives Jesus Christ virtual life on Experience Island, 16 virtual acres in Second Life owned by LifeChurch.tv. "We're always at work to engage people right where they are. Church isn't about asking people to come to us; instead, we're called to go where the people are. Second Life represents a new frontier in that effort." says Bobby Gruenewald, Innovation Leader and Pastor with LifeChurch.TV. Featured on Experience Island is the largest anti-porn ministry in the country, XXXchurch.com. "There's no doubt we have to be here, Second Life is porn. They have rape clubs, porn islands and in Second Life you can have sex with minors with no consequences." says Craig Gross, founder and pastor of XXXchurch.com. Second Life residents who visit the virtual LifeChurch.tv campus on Experience Island will be able to attend live worship experiences, explore and experience the ever popular "My Secret" building and watch on-demand videos and message teachings throughout the week. Second Life, the Internet-based virtual world, enables its users to explore, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, and create and trade items and services from one another. In October 2006, Second Life reached the 1 million registered accounts mark and quickly grew to over 4 million registered accounts in February 2007. For more information about Experience Island, the virtual LifeChurch.tv campus or XXXChurch.com, write press@difted.com or call 310.270.3387"

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