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Submission + - The Complete FreeBSD

mylogic writes: Greg "Groggy" Lehey former member of the FreeBSD core team posts his 10th anniversary edition (Feb 2006). The following message taken from "The trouble with books is that you can't update them the way you can a web page or any other online documentation. The result is that most leading edge computer books are out of date almost before they are printed. Unfortunately, The Complete FreeBSD, published by O'Reilly, is no exception. Inevitably, a number of bugs and changes have surfaced. "The Complete FreeBSD" has been through a total of five editions, including its predecessor "Installing and Running FreeBSD". Two of these have been reprinted with corrections. I maintain a series of errata pages. Start at to find out how to get the errata information. Note also that the book has now been released for free download in PDF form. Instead of downloading the changed pages, you may prefer to download the entire book. See for more information. Have you found a problem with the book, or maybe something confusing? Please let me know: I'm no longer constantly updating it, but I may be able to help"

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