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Submission + - StumbleUpon Buzz On Security

An anonymous reader writes: Looks like there is a major buzz (nearly 9000 thumbs-up in about a week) in the StumbleUpon community about a new Security Dashboard that first was talked about at Slashdot. The folks at CERTStation took to heart some of the beating they received at SD regarding their FLASH intensive website, and developed an AJAX/JSP based Dashboard that is truly remarkable (uses liquid screens that allow objects on the browser to move around — some flash components persist though). Add to this the dashboard now not only provides the previous threat aggregator they called Agglomerator, but also provides Critical DNS and Router statuses among a slew of other interesting bits. This is truly something. Our SD community's feedback went into a product development cycle and the company turned around something for us in quick order. I got this G2 directly from the folks at CERTStation. Maybe they should pay us royalty fees for the product testing and focus group work we did for them.

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