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kurt writes: "WINAMP GOES MOBILE Mobile Extension Allows Users to Access Music Available on Their PC Through Mobile Devices Dulles, VA March 22, 2007 Winamp has announced a mobile extension to its Winamp Remote PC-to-PC streaming service, currently in Beta. Starting March 26, Winamp Remote users will be able to access their home music library through streaming mobile devices. This new mobile service will offer users a playback-focused experience where content will stream at the appropriate bitrate for the data connection and format for streaming players. Current Winamp Remote users can access the service at http://winamp.orb.com/ from their phone. No new installation or client software is required. New users will need to download the Winamp Remote client on to their home PC at http://www.winamp.com/remote. Winamp Remote on Mobile will work on handsets with a data plan, Web browser, and any kind of streaming media player: 3gp, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, or Flash. Winamp Remote does not support the streaming of DRM protected music. The move into the mobile marketplace underscores our primary objective of providing consumers with the definitive media playback and discovery experience, across multiple platforms, said Matthew Callaway, Product Director for Winamp and SHOUTcast, Winamp Remote on mobile brings an added level of freedom to our users. With mobile access to their home media collection, it's now even easier to find music to fit their mood while they're on the go. This mobile extension builds upon Winamp Remotes initial PC service, powered by Orb Networks, which gives users the ability to stream their home music collection to any internet-connected computer with a browser. The service also allows users to share streams of individual songs or playlists with friends, and manage their music with ratings and personal playlists. "Winamp Remote is all about making it easy for users to enjoy the music they love wherever they are," said Ian McCarthy, Vice President of Product Marketing at Orb Networks. Winamp is synonymous with pioneering cool new ways to enjoy music. We're excited to be working with AOL to enable the Winamp community to rock out to their tunes wherever they have the Web, even on their mobile phones." About Winamp Launched in January 1998, Winamp (http://www.winamp.com ), distributed by Nullsoft, is a world leading advanced media player application with millions of worldwide users. Winamp supports high fidelity playback of CD, MP3, aacPlus, MPEG, WMA, WMV, NSV and other popular digital audio and video formats as well as skins and plug-ins. Winamp and SHOUTcast (http://www.shoutcast.com ) were acquired by America Online, Inc. in May 1999 and are part of AOL Musics leading offerings ( http://www.aolmusic.com/ ). About AOL AOL and its subsidiaries operate a leading network of Web brands and the largest Internet access subscription service in the United States. Web brands include the AOL.com website, AIM, MapQuest, AOL Music Now and Netscape. AOL offers a range of digital services in the areas of education, safety and security, communications and music. The company also has operations in Europe and Canada. AOL LLC is a majority-owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. (NYSE:TWX) and is based in Dulles, Virginia. About Orb Networks, Inc. Orb Networks is an award-winning developer of software and services that unlock the digital media stored on personal computers. Orb MyCasting gives consumers secure, free, instant and everywhere-access to everything from their photos and video to TV and music on virtually any Web-enabled device. The companys partners and affiliates include: AOL Winamp, AMD, Creative Labs, Hauppauge, Hutchison, Nokia, Orange and Vodafone. Orb Networks is a privately held company in Emeryville, Calif. For more information about Orb Networks and the Orb MyCasting service, please visit www.orb.com."

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