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Submission + - Question of Piracy

kaylar writes: "Before there was recording media one had to attend the theatre
to see/hear a performance. Subsequently there were motion pictures
which still required one attend a theatre.

Radio and Television destroyed this paradigm allowing one
to buy the equipment, plug it in, and hear or see and hear
a performance without further expenditure.

With the advent of tape recorders I could take what I
was getting for free on the radio, put it onto a tape
and hear it when I chose.

(You can continue the historical background up to
dling on your computer)

The point is this, the 'losers' in piracy are not
the artistes or performers,they are the greedy
middlemen who make money off another's work.

Do the artistes get anything more or less when
I record a song from the radio or a show on
television? Nope. They got paid already, they
got paid when the station aired it.

I have no intention of buying a CD when I only
like one tune, or in buying DVDs. Just want to
see this episode and forget it.

The entire idea of piracy needs to be countered.
Especially where it suggests that the artistes
are the ones losing money.

How much money does an artiste actually get when
you buy the CD or DVD..and how much goes to the
battallion of middlemen, who have been rendered

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