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Submission + - Will Network Neutrality kill Web 2.0? And how?

An anonymous reader writes: Looking at el reg, there's this hack piece from Andrew Orlowski with lots of words but no meat arguing that network neutrality is bad: ange_net_futures

OK, forgetting whether Web 2.0 should be killed off or not, there's still several questions begged. How will NN kill Web2 being the main one.

The accusation is made that upload speeds are what's killing Web2. But that is nothing to do with NN. Choke your download bandwidth to the same as your upload and the web goes suprisingly slowly under the "Web 1.0" method.

Time-sensitive data being delayed is a problem stated but this again isn't NN related. It may be badly-worded-NN-law related but this relates to traffic shaping, whereas AT&T want to traffic shape based on source or destination, not protocol. And anyway, the problem isn't QoS and provisioning, it's that contention ratios for advertised bandwidth is massive (included numbers as high as 50 to 1!).

Anyone else got ideas on what he may be on about?

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