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Submission + - February Console Sales Released

pionzypher writes: So far it looks like the Wii is still going strong according to this story on ars.

From the article:
While next-generation hardware is helping to keep consumer interest in gaming high, Nintendo is definitely leading the charge. The DS and the Wii are dominating the top two slots in sales with 820,000 systems sold between them. This is even more impressive when you consider that in many areas of the US, the Wii is still nearly impossible to find, so demand may be higher than even these numbers indicate.

One has to wonder what story Sony has ready for the media if they don't make the six million.
Things aren't quite as bright for the PS3 though
The only console the PlayStation 3 was able to outsell was the Nintendo Gamecube, and Sony's 127,000 systems pale in comparison to its two competitors.

PS2 sales are still strong though. Time will tell if the Home Online Service SCEA is rolling out, combined with the European launch will be enough to make the six million mark they've set for themselves.

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