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Submission + - Chiditarod 2007: Chicago's mini-Burning Man

bflora writes: "Chicago hosted its second annual Chiditarod this past Saturday, drawing over 200 costumed competitors hoping to win the prized mahogony trophy. 5-man teams were responsible for pulling a shopping cart across 5-miles of the city's streets dogsled-style, collecting canned goods as they raced. First team to cross the finish line with 15 lbs. of canned goods wins. A few other rules:
  • Teams had to stop off at 4 checkpoints/bars along the way to "water the dogs". They had to drink for 20 minutes. This became problematic for some teams as the day wore on.
  • Cheating a.k.a. sabotage was HIGHLY encouraged.
There was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles squad (complete with April O'Neil), an Abe Lincoln and Secret Service team, Team Zissou (in matching red skullcaps) and a team that came all the way from Columbus, OH dressed in full-body bunny suits-"The Buck Funnies." Unsurprisingly, the event was promoted on the Burning Man listserv.

And then there were the "Corporate Dalliances," a ragtag quintet of scruffy IT professionals who came to win and cheated their way to victory by handing out phony maps, duct taping competitors to street signs and finally hiding another team's shopping cart in a backalley snowbank.

This video tells their epic, thrilling story."

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