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Submission + - Latest stink has Wikipedia looking to change rules

coondoggie writes: "Another stink for the Wikipedia folks has resulted in one of the company's founders' calling for renewed requirements for trust on the ever-popular site. This action comes from last week's firing of one of the sites most prolific editors who wasn't who he said he was. On his chat site today Wikipedia cofounder Jimmy Wales proposed some changes: "Nowadays, I bring back the proposal for further consideration in light of the EssJay scandal. I think it imperative that we make some positive moves here... we have a real opportunity here to move the quality of Wikipedia forward by doing something that many have vaguely thought to be a reasonably good idea if worked out carefully. For anyone who is reading but not online, I will sum it up. I made a proposal that we have a system whereby people who are willing to verify their real name and credentials are allowed a special notification. "Verified Credentials". 3"

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