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Submission + - What content management system do you recommend?

An anonymous reader writes: So I'm trying to decide on an open source content management system to use for a weekly college newspaper. Right now we're using Dreamweaver to manually update static pages and moving directories around to archive stories — very ugly. I'm having some difficulty convnincing the school employees to go along with my megalomaniacal plans for the website. I initially wanted to use Drupal, but the system administrators don't want to use PHP because of "security holes." The site is hosted on a Windows server and unfortunately setting up our own Unix server isn't an option.

Basically, I'm looking for something that will allow us to post stories, pictures that go with those stories, and we'd also like to get into video content, probably using YouTube as a host. It can't require PHP, and should be as configuration-free as possible (for instance not necessarily requiring access to email). It should also allow for weekly archiving of the stories and, although not a must, autogeneration of RSS feeds would be nice. Of course, I'd like something that is as widely used/standard as possible so that I can point to other sites as support for switching to the new system.

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