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Submission + - Now playing: Open Source movies

Pritesh writes: "After YouTube, Will it be LetsFilm.com?

http://www.tech2.com/india/news/websites-internet/ after-youtube-will-it-be-letsfilm.com/4569/0

The Web 2.0 era, the next step in internet evolution, has opened up the online world in a way that the internet is now largely driven by User Generated Content (UGC). Be it the popular Wikipedia, or the phenomenon called YouTube, the web experience is no longer a one way lane. Today, it's all about buzz words like 'Broadcast yourself,' 'Create your own space,' or simply 'Wiki' in everything. Here's looking at an effort by a 26 year old Indian techie, who — inspired by the Open source revolution, combined with his love for movies and technology in the Web2.0era — initiated a User Generated Movie platform, LetsFilm.com."

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