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Submission + - A Musical Memory that Lasts Forever

Mr Music Box writes: "Music Boxes — 1000's Music Boxes to Treasure Music Boxes
We feature lots of music boxes from around the world including Reuge of Switzerland the "Rolls Royce" of musicals and Porter both famous for their meticulous handcrafted inlaid Italian workmanship. Also featured are a large selection of unusual musical gifts, that make great gifts for anyone. You will not find many of the items listed anywhere but here. Our selection includes angels, ballerinas, cupids, carousels, custom music boxes, water globes, singing birds, musical pocket watches, miniature instruments and whole lot more, including Reuge and Porter disc players. We also feature Miniature Instruments, some even include wind-up musical movements and look just like the real thing! We carry more than 700 Tunes, and on many items you can choose your own song. If your the handyman, craftsman type who likes to build your own box, we have a large selection of Reuge and Sankyo movements in all sizes for your projects. We have to many gift ideas to list here, so browse all the categories inside. This is a small collection of Reuge for a complete collection of Reuge Visit Reuge Online Catalog * Phone Orders Only from the Reuge Online Catalog We also have over 100 miniature clocks, absolutely adorable with Japanese, high quality movements. Check them out! Very cute! You will also find a variety of delightful children's wooden pianos for kids ages 1 to 10 ready for the young piano player to learn to play. Made in the USA by Schoenhut Piano Company for over 100 years and built to last a lifetime."

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