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Submission + - Wired News discusses gaming of Digg

indraneil writes: "Wired is running an article on how Annalee Newitz created a spurious blog and posted a story on the same at Digg.
She then hired a Digg-gaming service called User/Submitter and paid them $450 to digg the article up.She explains how you can buy a Digg vote (for $1 per vote) from User/Submitter which hires people to digg up your story (and pays them $0.5 per vote).After a few rigged vites, she ended up getting votes from people who did not get paid, and soon her story had been awarded the "became popular" tag and had 121 diggs.
She explained the phenomenon thus:
"There's a perverse incentive here: Diggers who vote early on stories that become wildly popular become more "reputable" in the Digg system. If you're trying to move up the Digg ranks, it's in your best interest to vote on anything that looks like it's gaining popularity. And my blog, with its flurry of paid votes, fit the pattern." While the story did eventually get buried, the article raises questions on whether someone can game sites like Digg to rise up the search engine ranks or even gain otherwise from ad revenues.
Diggers are themselves arguing it out here."

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