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Submission + - Most Comprehensive Reverse Hash Lookup (MD5, etc)

Dustin Fineout writes: "A new reverse hash look-up web site has been launched which conglomerates the separate efforts of many such sites into a single resource. searches both local databases and several remote servers to create the most comprehensive reverse hash look-up available anywhere, and in under ten seconds.

The initial version, launched yesterday, offers reverse hash look-up for the MD5 algorithm on a total of six servers' databases. By the end of the week, support for SHA1, MD2, MD4, LanMan, and NTLM algorithms have been promised, as well as expanding the server pool to at least 10 different data sources. The web application also allows visitors to add entries to the datapool by checking for their existence in all servers in the datapool before adding to a local database. The source code for both the online PHP application and several Java programs are also scheduled to be released under the BSD license by the end of this week."

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